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The custom built 2" lift:

My brother Alan built and helped me install a custom 2" spacer lift in my 94 XJ Country.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take any pics of the tow hook mounts, they're made of 1/4" plate steel and mount behind the factory bumper mounts.

The first problem was removing the rear shocks, one bottom bolt snapped off and 3 out of 4 top bolts broke even after extensive heating.  We had to do some emergency repairs to the shocks to keep the upper rubbers in by welding metal plates to the sides of the upper eye.  They both popped out on my way home.  The lower bolt was fixed by welding on a large washer to keep it in place.

The rear lift blocks. 2.5" x 2" x 5.5". There is a .5" ID x .5" deep hole in the center of each side. A pin goes in one side to fit into the axle pad. It should stick up about 5/16".


The front spacer pics are kind of fuzzy but you get the general idea:


This is a blurry top view of a coil spacer. The hole is 2.110". The recess is .5" deep and about 2.42"  and has a radius on it to match the bottom of the coil isolator. The OD of the piece is 4"  and it's 1.75" high.


The even blurrier bottom view. This has a recess to fit the top of an isolator. I made it .25" deep, but it only would need to be .125". I think the diameter was 3.875". The best thing to do is to get the new isolators before statring. They are only $11 each

This is how it will fit together in the Jeep. Your original isolator will be on top though.

The completed rear lift. You will need U-bolts 8" long. We discovered that the swaybar must be removed to clear the tires. It makes no noticable difference in handling

The front lift installed. Note shock extenders required if you don't get longer shocks. They are just .75" round stock with 5/16" holes through them, 2" long. These  go at the top in the rear.

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Some pics with the lift in trying it out completely disconnected on some small snowbanks.

A pic after we went out to play,  I was amazed when the all-season tires managed to pull me through some deep mud in my uncle's field.  Just after that one of the rear shock rubbers popped out for the first time and I missed the rest of the fun (of course, this meant that I was the only one who didn't get stuck, Alan and my cousin in his YJ both did on the trail).  Alan's CJ looks a lot better with it's "Bear River Chrome" wheels.

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A couple of pics with our friend Blake's stock XJ to see the difference with the lift.